• Centos's Choice

    Pink bulgur, linssi-papusalaatti, kvinoa tabbouleh, punakaali, baba ganoush ja hummus

  • Mix and match

    Give it a shot! Go off the beaten track a little and try out some totally different combos. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Pink Couscous Salad

    couscous, tomato, cucumber, herbs, beetroot, onion, grapes, spinach.

    Doesn’t it look delicious?

So here’s our new winter menu. It’s important for us that the food we serve is a feast for both your eyes as well as for your taste buds. Dig in!

Have fun with it!

Don’t hesitate to mix it up a little with interesting and new combinations. You can mix and match everything on the menu as freely as you want. You can also bounce your ideas off our staff or just straight up ask them for tips and recommendations. We’d also love it if you’d tell us what combos worked for you and if you’d share your experiences with us.